Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Left-Over Mission

I just now took lunch. I normally eat later on Tuesdays because Sissy brings us kolaches and orange juice for breakfast before Bible Study. For lunch I ate left-over Mission Burrito.

Let's talk about left-overs. I'm actually not such a big fan. Most things prepared in restaurants do not lend themselves to re-heating well. There are exceptions however, and Mission Burrito is one of them.

First of all, we are talking a Burrito Bowl, not a regular burrito. Also, the best way to do this is to have it with chips on the side. Hatcher turned me on to this idea of chips instead of a tortilla on the side. Don't get me wrong, I love a warm, soft tortilla, but when you have the dip-like consistency of a left-over Burrito Bowl you need the crunch of the chips to give it that perfect texture. Plus, if you eat there you can have as many chips as you want from the complimentary chips and salsa bar. And if you get it to go they will jut bag up a generous order of chips for you to take with you.

Once you reheat the remnants of the Burrito Bowl and use the sturdy, crunchy chips to dip it out you have the perfect Tuesday late afternoon lunch! And nothing beats opening the decrepit fridge at Grace and seeing your left-overs sitting there with your name written on them and your signature bug doodle drawn lovingly by your wonderful husband-to-be! (Thanks babe.)

There will be more posts re: Mission Burrito. It is one of my fav places in Houston and Jason and I have a little bit of history with it as well.

P.S. Don't you just love the to-go bowls that they put the Burrito Bowls in? I think they are great!


  1. how cool! I love this blog idea. Normally I never read anyone's blog for more than maybe one post. Now I can sadly spend untold amounts of time reading people's Facebook posts and picture commentaries, but blogs??? ...

    However I too LOVE dining out, and this sounds like loads of fun, since I know you! YAY :)


  2. CHIPS INSTEAD OF A TORTILLA IS BRILLIANT! That's a great idea! It's like a taco salad or something ...

    And wholehearted agreement that the Bowl is the way to go (and, yes, the bowls are great). Thankfully reheating Mission is tasty; leftovers usually become such lackluster memories of what was so good only hours ago. Reheated french fries are the worst tragedy because they're pretty much the tastiest food in existence but a monumental disaster in the second eating. Mission has certainly figured out the DaVinci Code of leftovers!

  3. OK, Kat...today I went to Avalon Diner for lunch... the first time in literally years. i had a breakfast wrap with hash browns. The wrap was so-so, and the hash browns were so greasy I couldn't finish them. I was so looking forward to it and ended up being disappointed... should have had a greasy burger instead. :(